New York Responsible Vendor Training

8-Hour Annual Course for CCB/OCM Compliance
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    What is New York Cannabis Responsible Vendor Training?

    The New York State Regulatory Agencies have mandated that every "vendor" must receive and complete 8 hours per year of training on a set of topics they have defined in the regulations. Vendors include, "managers, employees, contractors, volunteers, or persons otherwise performing activities under a licensee’s authorizations," according to the New York Cannabis Regulations.
    What We Offer
    What's included in this online course?

    Simple explanations of all the relevant state-mandated topics.

    We don't waste your time! Scenes move quickly & get straight to the point.

    Additional Topics Unique to Your Business

    Your business can add custom-made modules to the course that address training topics unique to your processes.

    Unique learning experience

    We've seen our competitors, and we think our videos are more engaging. We use a fun, animated presentation style with mini-quizzes after each chapter.

    Jennifer Martin

    Jennifer Martin is a cannabis industry veteran. She began as a grower in the mid 90s, and morphed into a consultant by 2014. She and her associates now write SOPs, compliance & application documents under, and offer online video training for cannabis workers under the business name 101 Cannabis Training. 
    Patrick Jones - Course author

    New York Cannabis Training

    New York Cannabis Training includes, according to the regulations, a printed manual that must accompany in-person or online training. The online training can either be in real time or recorded video. At this time, we only supply NY cannabis training as pre-recorded animated videos, but we have some resources if you need something different. Just let us know! 

    New York has not yet implemented the required training, but once they do (probably fall of 2023), cannabis business owners will only have 30 days from the date of hiring a new cannabis employee or vendor to obtain training for them. We will update the cannabis training requirements for New York once the regulations are finalized, which is estimated to be late spring or early summer of 2023. 

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